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The Wes Paul Band - Manchester to Memphis

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The Wes Paul Band arrived in America on 24th May 2010 prepared for the Manchester to Memphis Tour. They were travelling across 6 southern states on a 1600 mile journey taking in Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississipii. And playing gigs in Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, Pigeon Forge, Montgomery and Tupelo. They recorded their first album at Sun Studio - Memphis and Wes Paul and Becky Simpson were married on 1st June in Jackson - Tennessee...

The Wes Paul Band Arrive in Memphis
The Plane landed in Memphis Airport at 4:25 p.m. local time - time back in Liverpool was seven hours difference. it was quite a hike through the airport but finally we reached the entrance and Becky went off to check out the car hire company; It was a pleasant surprise when we told that a bus would take us to the car hire company (Dollar) which was nearby the Airport. Originally we had booked a small two door Chevrolet  and I wasn't looking forward to driving a small car 1500 miles with all of our kit and three guitars.

The guy at Dollar tried to sell us an upgrade which sounded excellent except for the extra cost, he wanted an extra $250 which we couldn't afford and so we declined, however, he said I'll give you a free upgrade. This was great news and the car we were offered was fantastic (Dodge Journey SUV) an absolute dream which was to be super reliable. We loaded up and there was room to spare.

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Walking in Memphis

Court Square off
 Main Street
 Memphis - Tennessee

The Dodge

The Dodge Journey
That Took Us Around The Southern States

Memphis 1

Main Street At Night

Smiley in Huey's

Smiley Galvin in Hueys
 on our first night. He can play harmonica as well

Sihn in Memphis

Wes Paul and Becky
By Edison - Commemorative Sign (Memphis)

Smiley and Wes Paul

Smiley  Galvin and
Wes Paul - Sitting on a Bench in Main Street


Huey's Bar our First Night in Memphis



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